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Does SEO Still Work in 2017?


Does SEO Still Work in 2017?

Many companies think that SEO is dead and opt for Pay-Per-Click. I love Pay-Per-Click personally, and think it’s a great way to generate leads when done well. But, not every company can afford it. Depending on the industry, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) pricing per keyword can run high. So, as the only resort, a company that cannot afford it may opt for SEO. However, given that SEO professionals spend hours on end building quality links… Continue reading →

How to Do Local SEO from Scratch in 2016

By Linda Jordan

Local SEO has really changed. If you are seeing the changes in your rankings chances are you are here to find out why. Ranking a site used to be so much easier, but now with the changes, there is good news and not really bad but rather new news for SEOs. The good news is all SEO including local SEO must be of quality. This is good because… Continue reading →


 By Linda Jordan

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Today I would like to discuss how to make money with affiliate marketing. There are two ways in which affiliate marketing can be used. One is a B2C approach, or Business to Customer approach, and the other is a B2B approach, or a Business to Business approach.

First we are going to discuss the B2B approach because it is often overlooked, and can be an amazing way for businesses to sell… Continue reading →

Does Your Web Design Brand You?

The best web designs are ones that make you want to purchase the product or service. So, let’s put our heads together and think about this. What makes us want to buy things? First impressions right? Ok, then what type of first impressions? Boring ones? Ugly ones? Broken ones? Hard to use ones? Over-priced ones? No,no,no! In fact, the exact opposite, correct? So then we are looking at these qualities when we are about… Continue reading →


What The! –Google Has a New Algorithm? Hummingbird?

By Linda Jordan

We know that ever since Google rocked the SEO universe and turned it upside down with the Panda and the Penguin, there would be more changes to come. Well, you are right. On the evening of Google’s 15th birthday, it revealed a new search algorithm called Hummingbird. This algorithm is based on semantic search and focuses on the intent of the user rather than keywords. Actually, this was… Continue reading →

Google + Local is a new tool by Google which has replaced Google Places. The four main areas of Google+ are: Google+ personal profile,Google+ business pages, Google+ local, and Google+ communities. Google + Local can be used by businesses to “hang out” in using a video and a chat area, and it can also be used to gain new customers.

According to Google, apparently 20% of online computer searches through Google are for local businesses, and 50% of local… Continue reading →

We’re proud to announce that our blog system is now online and we will be posting company updates, new projects, and other events going on at M.O.V.E. Up Marketing Group!

Move Up With iPhone and Android Apps


These days every successful business has an iPhone or Android App designed to provide customers with a user-friendly experience.

We have iPhone and Android App developers that design and create quality Apps for your businesses’ needs at a fraction of the industry price. What’s more, we offer a monthly plan with a small set up fee allowing small business owners the flexibility to pay for an App in small portions.

For Enterprises,… Continue reading →

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